A Conversation About Comics

#163 Jack Kirby, Writer

Jack Kirby’s writing came in for a lot of criticism in the 1970s after he made the break from Marvel to DC. And as time has gone on, Kirby’s dialogue can increasingly be read as […]

#162 Alternative Comics in Colour? Imagine That!

  Although I’m going to focus on contemporary cartoonists in this post, I’m grateful to be following Ernesto’s piece about The Yellow Kid and colour’s part in the debate surrounding the origins of the form, […]

Apr, 09 · in Colour,The Book

#161 The Yellow Kid and the Non-Original Origin

Coulton Waugh’s The Comics (1947) is perhaps the most influential history of comics to date. This landmark work is one of the most-cited histories of comics and seems to be responsible for many of the […]

Apr, 01

#160 Black And White And Read All Over

A few weeks ago Peter wrote about how when he was a child “reading American comics from Marvel (mostly) and DC, I took colour for granted”. Scott also noted how colour was the default for comics […]

Mar, 27

#159 Seeing Red: Comics, Colour and the Maple Spring

I have been dreading this post for weeks now. I didn’t have a clue what to write about colour. I don’t know why but it seemed like the biggest possible challenge. I spent hours gazing […]

Mar, 18

#158 Personalizing Reader Engagement: Exploring Colouring in Comics

Colour is a subject that was rarely explored or even acknowledged in comics in their earliest days – colour was simply a given, with a palette of four colours used in various lackluster combinations as […]

Mar, 10

#157 Monochromatic Palettes and Super Serious Archie Comics

We’ve been talking colour around here at Graphixia, and it’s a handy thing we are because I’ve been thinking a lot about how colour functions in a new, totally terrific series I’ve been reading lately: […]

Mar, 04