A Conversation About Comics

#188 You’re Having A Giraffe, Mate: Bruce Paley and Carol Swain’s Giraffes in My Hair: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Life

To kick off the next Graphixia sequence in which we pair up to discuss the work of interesting teams, Damon and I have chosen Bruce Paley’s memoir Giraffes in My Hair: A Rock ‘n’ Roll […]

#187 ‘Yet Another Piece of Women’s Autobiographical Rubbish’: Gendered Framing and the Comics of Judith Vanistendael

Judith Vanistendael is arguably the most famous graphic novelist from Flanders, perhaps sharing the niche with Brecht Evens and Olivier Schrauwen. Her prominent position on the international scene as a widely translated author, nominated several […]

#186 Women in Comics Scholarship: The Issue of Tokenism

In recent years, the issue of the place for women in comics scholarship has gained attention and momentum. It’s very common, now, to see tweets from comics conferences weighing gender representation and celebrating the participation […]

Nov, 11

#185 Are you a Ci or a Gast?

A few weeks ago Dave railed against the idea of posts about women in comics, “Let’s stop focussing on women in comics” he said, “Women are comics right now”. That’s as may be but how […]

Oct, 29

#184 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: On Lumberjanes and being Awesome.

In a week when the UK’s first Comics’ Laureate has been announced, and is somewhat inevitably a white man* and as 50% of the token woman quota on Graphixia (high five Brenna!). I could have […]

Oct, 21

#183 Women… in Comics?

One of the main reasons I enjoy contributing to Graphixia is that it’s a learning experience for me – though I’m an adamant collector and reader of comics, I’ve mostly relegated myself to the superhero […]

Oct, 13

#182 Necessary Memoirs: Autobiography and Women in Comics

Following Dave’s polemical opening to this series on women in comics is a tough gig, as I feel whatever I write will now be judged in the context of his questioning of how useful or […]

Oct, 07