A Conversation About Comics

#179 Underwhelmed By Ink In Essex County

I have to confess that I have struggled to write this Essex County post. The recent technical glitches behind the scenes here at Graphixia played into my hands and delayed my slot in this series. […]

Sep, 04 · in Essex County

#178 The One Where Hattie Muses on Whether She is Canadian Enough to Enjoy ‘Essex County’.

  I’ve been meaning to read Essex County for years and somehow never got round to transferring it into my basket on any shopping trip. So I was rather glad that the Canadian Contingent of […]

#177 What Is Not Drawn: Silence in Jeff Lemire’s Essex County

After I read Essex County for the first time last month, following Peter’s first post about it, I tweeted that I saw Jeff Lemire as “The Raymond Carver of Comics.” It’s not always that valuable […]

Aug, 12

#176 The Roots of Canadian Identity in Lemire’s Essex County

Jeff Lemire is something of a chameleon – unlike most of comics’ author / illustrators, he never seems to shy away from a particular genre in the medium. My exposure to his work has been […]

Jul, 28

#175 Canadian Superheroics in Jeff Lemire’s Essex County

I have to confess a certain disappointment with Jeff Lemire of late. This isn’t entirely fair. The people I should be disappointed with are the folks at DC Comics, but since I’m quite literally always […]

Jul, 22

#174 The Line in Jeff Lemire’s Essex County: A Topographic Poetics for Comics

That frickin’ bird. It shows up everywhere in Jeff Lemire’s Essex County. Its first appearance is marked by a symbolic rather than literal representation: a small boy trying to fly. It’s a shadow really, a […]

Jul, 15

#176 The Roots of Canadian Identity in Lemire’s Essex County

One of the British Columbia towns I grew up in was Trail, home of the glorious Smoke Eaters hockey team that won the World Championship in 1939 and 1961 and competed for the Allan Cup, […]

Jul, 02