A Conversation About Comics

#193 Manhwa-splaining: Korean Comics and Allegories of Mastery

What happens when you don’t know anything about the comics produced in a particular country and then proceed to write about them? This post seeks to find the answer to that question, as I look […]

Jan, 19 · in The Book

#192 – From Here to Here

Intro from Paddy This contribution by myself and Benoît to the Graphixia series on collaboration takes a slightly different angle to the others. We thought it would be interesting to examine the nature of Richard […]

#191 The Graphixia 2014 Superlatives Post

Here are our bests and worsts of 2014. Happy New Year, Graphixia readers!   Best Comic Published in 2014 Brenna Afterlife with Archie: This is so very well done, and so surprisingly subversive. Very pleased to […]

Dec, 31

#190 The All-Star Graphixians Read All-Star Superman

Hey, Hattie – So I thought we could do this a little more conversationally than the boys have done so far. Maybe in a series of notes back and forth? Epistolary-styles? I don’t mind doing […]

Dec, 24

#189 – OK, This “Looks” Bad, But…

This post features an Easter Egg–a hidden clue to its complete reading. We’re riding the edge of the wave here, but trying to think about the hidden aspects of collaboration; the visual verses the unseen. […]

Dec, 18

#188 You’re Having A Giraffe, Mate: Bruce Paley and Carol Swain’s Giraffes in My Hair: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Life

To kick off the next Graphixia sequence in which we pair up to discuss the work of interesting teams, Damon and I have chosen Bruce Paley’s memoir Giraffes in My Hair: A Rock ‘n’ Roll […]

Dec, 03

#187 ‘Yet Another Piece of Women’s Autobiographical Rubbish’: Gendered Framing and the Comics of Judith Vanistendael

Judith Vanistendael is arguably the most famous graphic novelist from Flanders, perhaps sharing the niche with Brecht Evens and Olivier Schrauwen. Her prominent position on the international scene as a widely translated author, nominated several […]

Nov, 18