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Feb, 09 · in The Book

#226 B. Kliban and Why We Draw Cats

I’m going to get a little personal with this post, as the theme of comics from the seventies has provided me with a great excuse to talk about one of my favourite subjects for cartooning […]

#225 Paul in the 70s

  In a move that will astonish my friends and colleagues I would like to discuss Michel Rabagliati’s comics, specifically his most recent book Paul dans le nord. Rabagliati’s comics are semi-autobiographical texts that tell […]

Dec, 01

#224 Hey Frankie, Do You Remember Me?

For ten days in November there were numerous events throughout the UK as part of Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities. In Dundee we celebrated the time Mary Shelley spent in the city as […]

Nov, 27

#223 Graphixia, #CityLIS, and the Alt-Academic

I don’t want to write about the 1970s. I think everything that happened before I was born is basically pointless. Kidding. Not really. Luckily, I have a whole other much better thing to tell you […]

Nov, 17

#222 The Simulacral 70s: Tripping With the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Writing about the 70s in comics is a little problematic as we get further and further away from the decade – two of the four central graphixians (myself included) weren’t even born yet, and for […]

Nov, 10

#221 The Comics Code Revisions of 1971, Will Eisner, and The Beginning of Now

The title above is a bit misleading since I’m looking here to make a claim about cultural shifts that act as impetus for aesthetic movements. While it’s always a risky move to associate cultural shifts […]

Nov, 03