A Conversation About Comics

#176 The Roots of Canadian Identity in Lemire’s Essex County

Jeff Lemire is something of a chameleon – unlike most of comics’ author / illustrators, he never seems to shy away from a particular genre in the medium. My exposure to his work has been […]

#175 Canadian Superheroics in Jeff Lemire’s Essex County

I have to confess a certain disappointment with Jeff Lemire of late. This isn’t entirely fair. The people I should be disappointed with are the folks at DC Comics, but since I’m quite literally always […]

#174 The Line in Jeff Lemire’s Essex County: A Topographic Poetics for Comics

That frickin’ bird. It shows up everywhere in Jeff Lemire’s Essex County. Its first appearance is marked by a symbolic rather than literal representation: a small boy trying to fly. It’s a shadow really, a […]

Jul, 15

#173 Men without Women: Jeff Lemire’s Essex County, Hockey, and Mythical Canadian Masculinity

One of the British Columbia towns I grew up in was Trail, home of the glorious Smoke Eaters hockey team that won the World Championship in 1939 and 1961 and competed for the Allan Cup, […]

Jul, 02

#172 Music in Comics: Intermediality and Mahler’s Mystery Music

  Well-known for his absurd humor, the Austrian cartoonist Mahler develops in his mini-comic Mystery Music a visualization of musical sounds as mysterious black things with all sorts of shapes, but quite often with a […]

Jun, 24

#171 Not Just A Phase: Music, Fandom and Visual Devices in Alec Longstreth’s “Weezer Fan” Comics

  So far this series of posts on comics and music has confirmed that there are no shortage of comics either about music or featuring music as an important, integral element of their narrative, particularly […]

Jun, 17

#170 On Comic Books as Expressive Objects: Notes on the Undergrounds and All that Jazz

With thanks to Damon Herd whose latest Graphixia post on music (“#169 You Can Tell Stories With Music Too“) made me unearth and update these notes.  Charles Hatfield points out in his Alternative Comics: An […]

Jun, 10