A Conversation About Comics

#217 Inhuman Storytelling? Notes on Vaughn-James’s The Cage

  Storytelling is often said to be one of the most distinctively human activities. Cognitive interests in narrative often suggest that we basically seek out stories as a pleasure and even a kind of training […]

Sep, 29 · in The Book

#216 “But why is he an elf?” – Humanity at a distance in James Kochalka’s comics

James Kochalka’s American Elf (RIP) is undoubtedly one of the most prominent comic strips in contemporary American Autobiographical Comics, and one which set the tone for many diary strips and webcomics that would follow. Its […]

#215 Inhumans in the family in The Motherless Oven

In The Motherless Oven (2014) Rob Davis presents a vivid fantasy world where the human and inhuman live side by side. However, he imbues the world with a sense of the everyday in keeping with […]

Sep, 16

#214 Coping With Being Human through Inhumanity

Inhumanity in comics was an early staple of the medium, right from Superman in Action #1 asking us to suspend our realities so as to admit a hero who could transgress the physical, mortal boundaries […]

Sep, 08

#213 Fraggles: The Inhuman Is Better Than Human

Because I’m an adult human with adult human tastes, I’ve recently been rereading the four-issue Fraggle Rock comic arc, “Journey to the Everspring,” by Kate Leth and Jake Myler. It’s not the only Fraggle comic out […]

Sep, 03

#212 Having Sex with Animals: The Inhuman World of Superhero Relationships

What would a sexual liaison between The Thing and She-Hulk be like? Given our theme this round, of human / inhuman, these are the kinds of questions that occur to me. I’m thinking about how […]

Aug, 26

#211 Robot Trouble in Alex and Ada

Alex and Ada,by Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna, follows in a long line of science fiction literature and comics that questions the relations between humans and robots: Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric […]

Aug, 18