A Conversation About Comics

#199 – Pat Grant’s Toormina Video, on video

Like the majority of the Graphixians have done this series, I feel I ought to open with a disclaimer about my comfort zone being firmly within Anglo-American comics, and to offer my assurance that I’m […]

#198 Comics Power!

You wait years for an event with an Indian cartoonist in Dundee and then two come along within a fortnight. At the end of June last year Scottish PEN and Literary Dundee hosted an event […]

#197 – Adventures in Brazil, André Diniz’s ‘Picture a Favela’

Like Brenna in her post for this series I think it is important to be open about our experiences of trying to find comics to discuss from outside Europe, North America and Japan. Because of […]

Feb, 24

#196 – Where’s Côte d’Ivoire Again? Abouet and Oubrerie’s Aya: Life in Yop City

As this month’s Graphixia topic has revealed, looking for comics outside the Western paradigm isn’t something that even scholars of the medium do very often, or at least not intentionally. When presented with the concept, […]

Feb, 17

#195 The Post That Almost Wasn’t: The Road to Qahera

I am well outside my comfort zone this month, Graphixia friends, with the plan to write about non-North American / non-Western European comics. I think of myself as a fairly diverse reader, but I realized […]

Feb, 10

#194 Erasure: The Soviet-era Komik

Full confession: I haven’t done a lot of reading for this post; I’m going purely on instinct and a desire to start the conversation not “weigh in” on it like some well-informed zealot. The bottom […]

Feb, 03

#193 Manhwa-splaining: Korean Comics and Allegories of Mastery

What happens when you don’t know anything about the comics produced in a particular country and then proceed to write about them? This post seeks to find the answer to that question, as I look […]

Jan, 19